Established in 2005, Dave’s Handyman & Lawn Service provides exceptional handyman and lawn services to residential and commercial clients across Northern Virginia. 

With a firm dedication to delivering top-notch services at very competitive rates, we have steadily built a strong reputation as the premier handyman and lawn service trusted by homeowners and business owners in the area.

As a provider of lawn care in Northern Virginia, Dave’s Handyman & Lawn Service accepts all types of jobs, big or small! If you need your lawn mowed bi-weekly or the bushes trimmed once a month, we’re happy to come out and do that for you! 
Here at Dave’s Handyman & Lawn Service, our goal is to do the job right the first time, every time!

Our dependable and responsive service and attention to detail has been key to our success in business since 2005. Our prices are competitive with other handyman services in Winchester, VA, but we are a step above in customer service. Dave’s Handyman & Lawn Service offers emergency services for after-hours or weekend emergency problems, for both residential and commercial clients. 
Our motto is, “No job is too small.” We’ll plow your driveway, or your retail parking lot. Give us a call today, and let Dave’s Handyman & Lawn Service help you with your property!

If you need dependable professionals to handle your landscaping, snow plowing, plumbing, electrical, lawn mowing, or property cleanup needs, call us today at 540-974-8499 or e-mail us at

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